gcc error: "elf error: file insn-attrtab.o: elf_strptr: Request error: no string table"

gcc error: "elf error: file insn-attrtab.o: elf_strptr: Request error: no string table"

Post by Jay All » Tue, 12 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I received the above error while trying to compile gcc 2.7.2 on a Sparc5
running Solaris 2.5. I know what the error is telling me at a surface
level, but I don't know what went wrong with my compile or how to fix it.
Can someone give me some insight?




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I'm trying to get ppp to run on OS5, in order to connect
to my ISP.  I have read the manual and online help,
usenet, etc...

I start Network Configuration manager and add hardware(
as indicated in the help files) etc...

At the end of the process I'm asked if I would like to
relink the kernel now.  

I get back a FATAL ERROR: Master Table overflow.

I'm sure it has something to do with
/etc/conf/cf.d/mdevice file but I'm at a loss as to what
to do about it.  

If anyone has the answer or a suggestion I would
appreciate the help.  


Brock Taylor

Please e-mail replies to above address as well as posting
here.  thanks for your time


Brock Taylor
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