automount rpcbind failures

automount rpcbind failures

Post by Robert J. Berg » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 14:43:03

I have a strange situation that I just can't figure out. We have several
SparcStations running Solaris 2.x. Two of them will not nfsmount each other's
file systems. Neither via automount or a manual mount.

I can mount the filesystems of other Spaces on ether one of them and I
can mount filesystems from the problem machines onto other Sparcs.

I completely rebuilt both systems and upgraded from Solaris 2.3 to 2.4
and reinitialized NIS+. This did not correct or modify the behaviour.

I then set the nsswitch.conf to files mode and disabled NIS. The problem
was still there.

I've tried to instrument all the various daemons, but there doesn't seem to
be a debug mode for mountd or nfsd.

The only error messages I'm getting in /var/log/syslog are:

One one of the servers:
Sep 28 19:05:44 gaia automountd[150]: server infobase not responding

On the other (the one that primarily requests mounts:)

Sep 28 18:30:48 infobase automountd[15204]: server gaia not responding
Sep 28 18:41:14 infobase automountd[15282]: pingmount: gaia: RPC: Rpcbind failure - RPC: Timed out
Sep 28 18:49:45 infobase automountd[15282]: gaia: unmount: RPC: Timed out
Sep 28 18:57:19 infobase automountd[15282]: Duplicate request
Sep 28 19:04:02 infobase automountd[15282]: pingmount: gaia: RPC: Rpcbind failure - RPC: Timed out


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