Is keyboard different between win32 & Solaris?

Is keyboard different between win32 & Solaris?

Post by Oopl » Fri, 12 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Right keys of keyboard likes differences between win32 and Solaris Sparc.
How to let their functions same as win32 in Solaris Sparc?

1. Apache Win32 (Windows 2000) & Awk & CGI

CGI and Perl works for me out of the box, no problems there, returns the server vars, after I modified the shebang

I want to use Awk to do some cgi stuff, however I get prompted to
download/or save the file when I try to run. I have a local Awk
processor, from Bell Labs, I made sure I have a shebang line that
works, I processed the file directly with the Awk processor. I did put
Awk executable in my environment, well the system envirnment path too.

Tried several things...but this should work. Any ideas?

FYI, I'm using 1.3.20 Win32 version of Apache.


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