solaris with 1542C and external drives

solaris with 1542C and external drives

Post by Paul De B » Fri, 04 Jun 1993 16:59:53

i just heard that the Adaptec 1542C controllers have a bug with
external drives. (the bug really is in the controller, not the unix soft)

can anyone confirm/deny whether this bug affects the use of this controller
with Solaris?
apparently the bug is that when writing large blocks to external drives,
the data don't get written correctly, which you only find out when verifying
afterwards. this bug is only with *external* drives.

is anyone using an Adaptec 1542C, Solaris and an *external* drive?
does it work?

any info highly appreciated.



1. AHA-1542C Bug on external connector???!!!???

In c't June '93 (German mag) I read about a bug on the 1542C which
concerns direct I/O programming of the adapter for devices attached
to the ext. connector which yields to writing errors on large data
blocks. The ASPI driver (for DOS) supplied by adaptec contains a workaround
but third party software (tape backup programms *AND MAYBE LINUX*)
do not contain this bug fix.

Does anybody of the SCSI gurus know about this problem?


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