lseek and llseek in 2.5.1 w/ Oracle 7.3.3

lseek and llseek in 2.5.1 w/ Oracle 7.3.3

Post by Frank Tropschu » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I'd like to set up a tablespace area of about 8GB, made up of 4x2GB
disks striped together to a metadevice with the Online Disksuite.  I'm
assuming that because of that size, llseek's must be used, and in the
man pages there is an odd blurb:

     Although each file has a 64-bit file pointer associated with
     it, existing file system types do not support the full range
     of 64-bit offsets.  In particular, non-device  files  remain
     limited  to  offsets  of  less  than  two gigabytes.  Device
     drivers may support offsets of up to 1024 gigabytes for dev-
     ice special files.

Anyone have an opinion on that?  In particular, is it less efficient
than creating 4 striped md's (500MB/disk), each with 2 GB, allowing only
lseek's?  The md's would only be used as raw devices -- no ufs on them.



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