xterm in Windows vs. DOS emulator in SunOS

xterm in Windows vs. DOS emulator in SunOS

Post by Joe Pout » Thu, 10 Jun 1993 03:54:35

WARNING: I have cross-posted this to several groups, so _please_ don't simply
follow up to this article. Either reply via email to me, and I will summarize, or
if you _must_ post, edit the Newsgroups line. Thank you. I don't want to start any
DOS/Windows vs. Unix flame wars

Please respond only if you have some practical experience running DOS/Windows apps
on Suns, or X apps under DOS/Windows. I don't want or need "I heard that..."

First, the setup. One the groups I support has a mixed bag of Sparc 1s, 1+s and
2s, all connected via ethernet. The Sparcs either have or will have 400 Meg disks,
32 Meg of memory, and are running SunOS 4.1.1, eventually to upgrade to 4.1.3, then
to Solaris 2.2.
The users on the Sparcs run a locally-built application in an xterm window under
OpenWindows 3.0, which access Sybase, plus Lotus 123, IslandWrite, Fame, and Wingz.

They also have 386 and 486 PCs running DOS and Windows, connected via ethernet,
and running Novell. I am not completely familiar with the particulars of the
hardware of the PCs, but I believe they are mostly Compaqs.
The users on the PCs use Lotus 123, Excel, Microsoft Word, and some other things,
though nothing created locally.

There is a crossover between the two above groups. That is, there are some users
with both a Sparc and a PC. Also, there some users who want PCs instead of Sparcs
(don't ask me), and vice versa. Therefore, I am looking for solutions to allow
the Sparc users to run some of the PC software on their Sparcs, and the PC users
to run the local xterm app on their PCs. Ideally they should be able to share
some common access, at least to the Sybase partitions and the Lotus files, since
these are the things they use the most.

Some of the solutions I am considering:
A DOS/Windows emulator for the Sparcs. Questions:
Which one? SunPC, SoftPC, WABI, others.
What will run under them? How is their performace compared to a 386? a 486?
How much memory do they need?

X11 window under DOS/Windows. Questions:
Desqview? How does it work with Windows? with OpenWindows?
Other X software. A local user mentioned Hummingbird.
(Note: I am aware of the X server that runs under OS/2. OS/2 is not an option
at this time.)
Compatibility with OpenWindows?
Hardware and sofware requirements?

Solaris 2.1 for x86. Questions:
How buggy is it?
How is its DOS/Windows compatibility?
Hardware requirements?

Other Unixes for PCs. Questions:
How buggy?
DOS/Windows compatibility?
Hardware requirements?
Compatibility with SunOS/OpenWindows?

Pointers to references will also be appreciated.

As I said above, please be careful when responding, due to the (probably
excessive) amount of cross-postings.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Joseph Poutre, aka The Mad Mathematician        N2KOW

Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human.  At best he
is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes, bathe and not
make messes in the house.         -- Lazarus Long, "Time Enough for Love"


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