Article: Learn XML Basics Article: Learn XML Basics

Post by Drew Wre » Fri, 05 Oct 2001 03:16:38

XML is a powerful new tool for representing data and their
relationships.  XML syntax is straightforward, and XML
parsers are freely available.  Understanding XML will help
you put XML to use in your own projects.

This article contains many examples of XML code. View this
article at:


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This article looks at some of the basic, low-level I/O
functions provided by the Solaris operating environment.
Low-level I/O is sometimes referred to as unbuffered file
I/O because the functions do not do any buffering, unlike
those in the Standard I/O library.  (Although this statement
is technically correct, it is possible to use the Standard
I/O library, which is normally buffered, in unbuffered

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