driver: interrupt handler not getting called

driver: interrupt handler not getting called

Post by Philip Bro » Tue, 14 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Into the last leg of my driver saga, I hope.

I think i've got everything set up for basic operation.  DMA allocated,
all that stuff.
My attach routine calls

        ddi_add_intr(dip, 0, NULL, 0, hpt_handle_intr, (caddr_t) softstate);

and my strategy func sets the device registers. I do a read of the status
regs immediately after supposedly starting a transfer.
It shows as "busy", and the error flag is clear...

So why does my interrupt routine never get called?

I have a cmn_err() as the first thing in hpt_handle_intr, but I never
see a message, and the dd to my device hangs.

Any ideas, folks?

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hi ,
      there is a device which is supposed to read raw bytes . An app
writes to a buffer , but once the buffer
gets full , the write-process-to-buffer should go to sleep , and a
bottom handler should take care of transferring
the data in the buffer to the device . now , what is happening is that ,
once the buffer gets full , no interrupt
is being generated , thus not calling any bottom half .. we are not sure
whether the bottom half is at all being
scheduled ? but the question is that , what could be the reason that  no
interrupt is being generated in spite
of the interrupt handler being registered successfully . we are using a
shared irq which is for the present not
being used by any other device .

do let know the cause of the interrupt not being generated .

nilesh .

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