simple sample XGL source code?

simple sample XGL source code?

Post by Philip Bro » Sat, 15 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I've misplaced my sdk, and I need sample xgl source code to get started with
it. I can't seem to find any, anywhere.
The ddk, which I have close to hand, has SOME xgl source, but uses a custom
library, which source is not included for. Sigh.

basically, I'm missing the part just before xgl_open(glwin, etc,etc).

I follow the straightforward stuff about initializing

glwin->X_display, xglwin->X_screen, glwin->X_window

and I get an X window to pop up.

but I keep getting
Error number di-39: Object creation failed
Operator: xgl_object_create

as soon as I try to do
winras = xgl_object_create(sys_st, XGL_WIN_RAS, &descras,XGL_DEV_COLOR_TYPE,


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