Does gdb 4.16 work with Solaris 2.4 unix threads?

Does gdb 4.16 work with Solaris 2.4 unix threads?

Post by Roger Moa » Thu, 07 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I'm using gdb version 4.16 to try to debug a multithreaded
application. I'm using unix threads with Solaris 2.4, and the
de* doesn't seem to recognize my other thread, i.e.

(gdb) info threads
* 1 process 1676  fini () at system.c:655

    Yet, there are two threads at this point. Both threads do execute,
it's just that gdb doesn't seem to know about the second one. Isn't it
suppose to keep track of these kinds of things? Any experience with
this? Do you think that POSIX threads (pthreads) would work (under

Thank you for any help,
Roger Moar.



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When I attempt to run gdb on my box I get the following error message
        Starting program: /usr/bin/d3
        /proc/00381: Resource temporarily unavailable.
        PIOCSTATUS or PIOCWSTOP failed.

Does anybody have any idea what might be causing this?

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