X-Windows not redirecting console output to console window

X-Windows not redirecting console output to console window

Post by Christian Ra » Fri, 25 Jun 1993 15:39:39

We have installed X11R5 under Solaris 2.1, and everything works fine except that
output directly written to the console gets not redirected to the console window
(xterm -C). Under Solaris 1.X, console output redirection worked ok.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

Christian Rank
Lehrstuhl fuer Wirtschaftsinformatik * Universitaet Passau *
Innstr. 29 * D-8390 Passau


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I have 3 questions about X-windows:

Is there a good graphical bases typewriter (not editor) in which
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Is it possible to make a telnet like connection in a MS windows
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Is there a special X-windows newsgroup?

Please e-mail me because i cant read the newsgroups so often.


Sander Zboray

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