Solaris 2.x and NIS

Solaris 2.x and NIS

Post by Frank Everit » Wed, 29 Mar 1995 02:36:41

I need some advice on implementing NIS or NIS plus in a Solaris 2.3/2.4
environment. In the past, it was recommended not to implement NIS+ because of
the many bugs reported. Has that changed? Is there a solution to run NIS on
Solaris instead of NIS+?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Frank C. Everitt
MCI Telecommunications


1. Solaris 2.3 NIS+ Upgrade to Solaris 2.5 NIS+ Question!

Has anyone experienced the upgrade process from a Sparc 5 running NIS+,
2.3 to 2.5? The machine in question is the Master Root Server, and the
slave replica is already running 2.5 NIS+.

We're trying to figure out how to upgrade the master to 2.5 and not lose
any of our NIS+ table information, etc.  I'm new to Solaris; have a sub-
stantial amount of experience and formal HP training with the Series 700
HP-UX 8.07/9.01/9.05/10.x operating systems.  Had some exposure to the
old, regular NIS (classroom environment only), but don't know too much
about NIS+ at this point.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a web site or document or FAQ that I
might be able to access to download as a guideline to follow when trying
to tackle this upgrade problem?

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Thanks Alot!!

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