HAT high availibility tools from German Sun Integration Services

HAT high availibility tools from German Sun Integration Services

Post by Peter Die » Sun, 13 Mar 1994 11:42:12

Hi Netlanders,

is anybody out there using SUNIShat (high availibility tools)
under Solaris 2.3 ?

Best regards,

 *  Peter Dieth, Braikinbachweg 25, 72766 Reutlingen, Germany                *
/   SysAdmin & Network Support, Seicom GmbH i.Gr., Xlink POP Reutlingen       \


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I am looking out for a software, to configure a high availibility
system, where-in two Sun Sparc machines will have to be configured in a
way such that if any one fails, the other should take over automatically
. Is there a freeware/GNU package available for this purpose ? If there
is any hardware solution, instead , what is that ?


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