boot/install Solaris 2.6 from net

boot/install Solaris 2.6 from net

Post by Chun L » Sat, 20 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I want to set up a boot/install server on a LAN so that I can
boot/install Solaris 2.6 OS from the network. I tried to follow
Solaris document to do it, but haven't been successful yet.
Can anyone tell me what I should pay attention on this matter?

Thanks very much in advance for any of your helps.



P.S. Please cc me a copy if you post an answer into these news
groups, as I'm afraid that I may miss some related posts from them.
Thans again.


1. Solaris 2.6 - Having trouble installing boot block on 4GB SCSI drive

Just wondering, is there a patch that is floating out there for this
problem? Basically, I am using a Jumpstart server to build
2.6 boxes and it builds fine except for the reboot and it says that
it cannot find the boot block for the drive (I've tried 2 different
drives of the same model). i have even tried running "installboot"
manually and the command completes successfully but it still
fails the bootup process. The only patch that I saw that might
have anything to do with scsi was 106173-03. Has anyone
else seen this problem? Also 4GB EIDE drives work fine
for the Jumpstart (it is configured with "free" for slice 0, so
the partitioning info is not relevant - in otherwords we are using
the entire slice 0 for our /, /usr, etc and another slice for swap
but that's it).

Here's the bootup error:

Rebooting with command:

bootblk: can't find the boot program
Program terminated
Type  help  for more information
ok probe-scsi

Target 3
  Unit 0   Disk     IBM     DDRS34560SUN4.2GS98E98432G8752
                    (C) Copyright IBM Corp.
                    1997. All rights reserved.



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