OSF/DCE/DME support

OSF/DCE/DME support

Post by Ron Winacott - OpCom Sta » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 05:39:08

 TB> Hey there all knowing ones: Does Solaris support or is planning
 TB> to support OSI/DCE, threads, RPCs, and all the other good DCE sys
 TB> stuff - Middleware as they say?

        Solaris has RPC's, Threads, POSIX threads (in EA) and ONC+,
wich is all that good stuff. One thing to note about DCE threads, aka
Pthreads, they based the Pthreads on draft 4 of the standard, it is
now at draft 8, and will most likely go to draft 9. A lot of things
changed between draft 4 abd 8. Talk to the DCE people to get a NEW
version cut of POSIX (DCE) threads.



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