Need help with modem/zsmon on Solaris 2.3 (port hang)

Need help with modem/zsmon on Solaris 2.3 (port hang)

Post by g.. » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 08:01:03

Under Solaris 2.3, when we tip to one of our modems, change some of the
nvram settings by e.g. ats0=2  and then exit using ~.  the
port retains the process so that further attempts to access the
port give 'port is busy' message.  The port is setup for a bidirectional
modem.  We do not know why the port becomes
hung this way, and we do not know how to clear it, although by using
the Serial Port Manager and variously deleting the service on that port
or maybe modifying it, we eventually can clear the port for further use.

Does someone know why the port gets hung, and how one can clear the
port without using the Serial Port Manager, so that, for example, the
port can be cleared over another dialin...

w gives the following listing for the hung port (term/a).

.zsmon   term/a        2:24pm     5                /usr/bin/login

Thanks for your help.

Steve Piper