Only 74 MB installed for Core Solaris 9 on sun4m?

Only 74 MB installed for Core Solaris 9 on sun4m?

Post by Ghazan Haid » Tue, 23 Sep 2003 23:07:05

I have been net-installing Solaris on a bunch of SS5s, from an Ultra5
as boot and install server. The whole process works fine except where
the usuall installation types are listed, the 'Core' system
applications install is shown to be around 600MB, the rest between 1GB
to 2.2 GB. I choose the 'Core' system tools and get 74mb installed.
Theres no remote mounts or anything involved, everything gets
installed on the harddisk. The same thing installed locally on the
Ultra 5 (with 64-bit tools included) takes the shown 600mb space. Now
thats a big difference.

Is this because of the sun4m and sun4u architectures? Is it because no
X-based tools are installed? If 74MB  contains all the said tools, I
think the full solaris install (excluding 64bit tools and sun4u
binaries) should take around 500MB or less. What am I not getting
installed? I suspect I might have misplaced the add_server_xxxx type
scripts that come in the Tools directory of the CD and have installed
the installation files in the wrong directory, so the Solaris install
doesnt complain, just installs the bare minimum (although I made some
selections in the Core in the second install attempt and from 74MB it
went 90MB, and a 'du -s /export/Solaris_9-1' gives me over 2 gigs)


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fine, but at the very end I get an error:

"/usr/include/sys/machsig.h", line 83: macro BUS_OBJERR redefines previous macro
 at "/usr/ucbinclude/sys/signal.h", line 447

I've thumped my head against this wall for long enough.  Any ideas on what
I should do next?


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