How can I remove/disable Terminal access from CDE (Sol. 2.6)?

1. disable Auto screen Lock w/CDE & Sol 2.6

To All;
  Is there a way to completely remove the creen lock feature under 2.6?
I understand from SUN that alot of people asked for this option and that

it is extremely popular.  In the environments that I support it quite
undesirable.  People will light off jobs and walk away for days at a
time.  I know that I could use the root password to unlock the screen
but that is not practicle.  Nor is it practicle to "ask" a user to
disable it him/herself.  Sun has a fix to eliminate the lock icon from
the front panel display but that doesn't disable the default feature of
locking the display.. I would like to keep the screen saver feature if
possible.  Sun say "They don't support this" becauyse they called it
customization!!!!  Please help if you can, Thankx.


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