Novell on Sun OS 4.1?

Novell on Sun OS 4.1?

Post by Michael E. Ha » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Is it possible to make a sparc running Sun OS 4.1 look like a novell
file server to novell clients?  



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1. message queue structure in SUN OS 4.1

I have been trying to get ahold of the kernal's representation
of the msqid_ds structure that stores information about the
IPC message queue. I couldn't find it after trying many  
names provided from nm /vmunix.

My Sparc Station 1+ is running SUNOS 4.1.1. I wrote a small
program to try and find the structure so I could read it and
look at the structure. Here is a extracted version I used. :

struct nlist nl[] =

        stuct msqid_ds msgque;
        kd = kvm_open( { arguments})
        kvm_read(kd,nl[0].n_value,&msgque,sizeof(struct msqid_ds))

Please note that I didn't worry about syntax or proper
positioning of the arguments, since saber-c didn't complain and
I did get some data but, unfortuantly, the data shown in  msgque
didn't make sense. I tryed the following names I thought might
represent this structure: msg,msgque,msgh, and msgs. None of
them worked. Can some one tell me what is the "magic" name that
I can put in the nl structure so that the data found is msgque
will be that of the kernals msqid_ds. Could you also give me the
names for semid_ds and shmid_id.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sean Coleman
Boulder, CO


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