Kernel Panic on Solaris 2.4

Kernel Panic on Solaris 2.4

Post by William Howa » Sun, 22 Oct 1995 04:00:00


We recently upgraded our news server from Solaris 1.1.1 to Solaris 2.4.
Since then we've had a lot of trouble with the system rebooting almost
hourly and occasionally* at some point in the rebooting process
(mostly late at night)

These are some of the Panics we've had repeatedly:

unix panic: mutex_adaptive_exit: mutex not owned by thread, lp f017a0b4
   owner e0000000 lock 0 waiters 0 curthread f0259ec0  (always the same)
unix panic: Data fault
unix panic: hme_remove -hme not on list
unix panic: page_hashout
unix panic: Memory address alignment
unix panic: segmap_hashout

The system is running on a Sparc 10 and was installed from the Hardware
11/94 CD.  The patches from the CD were installed as well as the Sun
Recommended patches dated 10/9.

The system started out with 32 Meg of RAM but thinking that it might be
a problem with one of the SIMMs it currently runs with 16 Meg (we've tried
both SIMMs individually, it doesn't seem to make a difference)  Either
both are bad or it's something else...

At the same time we upgraded the OS we also installed a second SCSI card.
This was also removed to rule out problems with it.  This also didn't
seem to make a difference.

We have 5 SCSI hard drives in the system, a Micropolis 1 gig, 2 Seagate 2
gig and 2 Seagate 4 gig.

All the drives were completely reformatted to see if that would help and
the system was completely reinstalled 3 times by 2 different people to
minimize the possibility of installation error.

The news server we are running is INND 1.4.

Everything was compiled with the binary distribution of gcc 2.2.6 from the
gnu ftp site.

This is the sole purpose of the machine, an NNTP server for news.

Are there any other patches out there that I might have missed or are
we looking at a hardware problem that we more than likely will have to
have fixed?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly apreciated.  Please reply by
e-mail since I might miss a post due to the way our server is acting.


William Howard


1. Kernel panic:Solaris 2.4:Sparc20

I am getting kernel panics left and right. This is a Sparc20 running
Solaris 2.4. This machine has had no problems in almost 10 months
of uptime.

Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix: panic: segmap_hashout
Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix: syncing file systems... [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [1
7] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [1
7] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 [17] 61 done
Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix:  3717 static and sysmap kernel pages
Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix:   111 dynamic kernel data pages
Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix:   152 kernel-pageable pages
Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix:     1 segkmap kernel pages
Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix:     0 segvn kernel pages
Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix:   529 current user process pages
Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix:  4510 total pages (4510 chunks)
Jun 28 07:22:42 warrior unix: dumping to vp fc151e1c, offset 227521
Jun 28 07:22:43 warrior unix: Copyright (c) 1983-1994, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Jun 28 07:22:43 warrior unix: vac: enabled in copyback mode

Any help?

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