Apple RTSP Proxy core dump problems

Apple RTSP Proxy core dump problems

Post by Nathan Raymon » Fri, 12 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi, I'm running Solaris 7 x86, and I've been trying to get Apple's RTSP
proxy propram to work.  Its designed for Solaris, but apparently they
just assume you're using Sun's compiler.  I have gcc 2.95.2 installed,
and after modifying the Makefile so that it uses gcc, it compiles
without complaint.  It even runs without complaint, even interactively
(-s).  But if I have a QuickTime Player connect to some streaming
content throught the proxy, the proxy core dumps partway through the
stream negotiation process (which is reported as disconnected in the
client).  Here is where the source can be downloaded:

Has anyone gotten Apple's RTSP proxy to work with Solaris and gcc?  I'm
at a loss on what to do next.

Nathan Raymond


1. Apple RTSP/RTP Proxy

Hi NG,

is there anybody out there who've successfully setup the RTSP/RTP Proxy from
Apple ?

The Proxy from Apple can found here

If an Website openes a seperate Quicktime Player all works fine. If an
website use the Plugin and have a embedded quicktime player then the proxy
quits with "Segmentation Fault (core dumped)".

- Mandrake Linux 8.0, Kernel 2.4.7
- Internet Explorer 6, Quicktime 5.0

Any ideas ?

Thx. 4 help.-

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