Can't stat on solaris 8

Can't stat on solaris 8

Post by nsrobe.. » Sun, 22 Oct 2000 04:00:00

' have trouble at the moment, I have installed
solaris 8 on a Sparc box and i'm currently trying
to use pkgadd to install coldfusion. I go through
all the question and answer part of the
coldfusion install but as soon as the install
starts i get a long stream of errors

pkgadd: ERROR: cppath(): unable to stat
</u01/rest of directory stucture....and so on>

it appears that the system can't stat at all is
this a Solaris 8 problem, is there some way that
i can install stat...???

Can anyone help


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1. IRIX 'stat' command equivalent on solaris ?


By default, ls does not display file time if the file is older than X
days, instead, it displays the date and the YEAR.

On IRIX, there is a user command called "stat" or "fstat" (do not
confuse with the system call) that can giv you the files ctime, mtime
& atime, file inode number, etc....

Is there an equivalent on solaris, or is there a way to force ls tou
output the entire date for a file (Year, month day, hour minute,
second) ?


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