Getting imake configured in Sol 2.4

Getting imake configured in Sol 2.4

Post by Tarik Alkasa » Tue, 12 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm having an incredibly hard time getting imake going under Solaris 2.4
using gcc as the compiler.

Somehow, every time imake makes a Makefile, it gives a ./config
directory, which never exists, and chokes down all subsequent makes.
ARGH!  Does someone recognize this problem?  Is it easy to fix?

Is there a good reference for getting imake set up with Solaris?  

Thanks in advance for any help.  Sorry if this is a FAQ; couldn't find
it on a list.

Terry Alkasab
Tufts University School of Medicine


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Having perused the aspppd man page I am left none the wiser as to
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I have set ppp up successfully, so can I make use of /etc/ and
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I'm running the vanilla ppp supplied with solaris, is it possible to
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