Problems involving SSL under Sun WebServer

Problems involving SSL under Sun WebServer

Post by Robert Uomi » Thu, 19 Mar 1998 04:00:00

>I've spent the better part of two days trying to install
>SSL on SWS 1.0. My questions are as follows:

>1. Is there a FAQ on SWS, or any docs other than the skimpy
>Sun docs?

>2. In my attempts to install SSL, I've managed to use up
>eight certificates. How can I recover them? I've tried
>deleting every SSL-related file I can find prior to
>rerunning  /usr/bin/create_rootca, but I still keep losing

I was finally able to create a root Certification Authority
(CA) and public/private key pairs without any errors. Then
I configured SWS for SSL, and then created and downloaded a
certificate to Netscape 4.0. The browser accepted it, but
when I tried to navigate to


Netscape displayed a popup:

        Netscape and this server cannot communicate
        securely because they have no common encryption

I'm specifying 40-bit encryption (the default for SWS),
so this should work. Any ideas? At this point, I'm looking
seriously at replacing my Solaris Web server with Windows
NT, although that may open a can of worms, too. TIA.

Robert Uomini
The Fractal Images Company (
Voice: 510-528-0258
Fax:   510-528-0243

Robert Uomini
The Fractal Images Company (
Voice: 510-528-0258
Fax:   510-528-0243


1. SSL, Sun Webserver, 2.6 problems


Anyone had any success setting up SSL on a Sun Webserver
running Solaris 2.6?

I seem to have found BugID 4101423, but I have not been able
to get a "work around".  I am trying to test SSL on a local
LAN using NIS and no DNS.  Is this possible?

I'm getting the "Cannot retrieve key package" message when
entering the password under install_certs.

Also, the setup_creds script is not generating credentials
for the host.  There is no <ip_address>.CERT in /home/skirca/creds
and there is no <ip_address>.KEYPKG in /home/skirca/creds/keypkgs.
This appears to be why the install_certs is failing for the

Per BugID 4099847, setup_creds gets SEGV when create_creds is
called.  I have commented lines 491-495, still get the SEGV (as
expected), but the creds are not generated for the host, just
for skirca.

The problem appears to be with setup_creds.

Additional info:

        My /etc/nsswitch.conf is:       hosts   xfn nis files

        My version of SUNWfns is (sparc) 11.6.0,REV=1997.
        My version of SUNWski is (sparc) 1.0
        My version of SUNWssl is (sparc) 1.0

Anyone have any ideas out there or success with SSL in SunWebserver
under 2.6?

Thanks in advance,

John Theobald
JMP & Associates, Ltd.
Atlanta, GA

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