Solaris x86 on AMD K6-2????

Solaris x86 on AMD K6-2????

Post by Oliver Egger » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00


Quote:>>>>> rocco8v  writes:

Paul>  Hello All: I am currently attending Solaris course, and I have
Paul> decided to dedicate my AMD k6-2 350 to a Unix environment. I
Paul> have FreeBSD 3.0 ready to install, but I was curious to know if
Paul> I would be able to install Solaris for x86 on an AMD powered
Paul> box. If this is possible, I would prefer to use Solaris 2.7 and
Paul> I would dump FreeBSD. Does Solaris recognize the AMD chip?

I'm running Solaris 2.6 x86 on an AMD-K6-2 350MHz for about 3 or 4
months now (because I need latest Java stuff like JMF for my
studies). It works very good! A little bit more memory would be nice,
I just have 64MB! ;-)) I guess CPU's are well supported. Other
hardware may cause problems. If you want to know, if your computer can
run Solaris, you should take a look at the

Well, it doesn't feel as fast as Linux. But if you have another
Solaris box, you can take advantage of the really fast NFS, which is
much better than linux NFS.

        Bye Oliver


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1. Solaris x86 on AMD K6-2????

as always, the best thing to do is check the solaris hardware compat list.
yes, the AMD by itself is supported. BUt your main concern will be all
the other components you have. motherboard, graphics, etc.

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