problem with add_drv ("no major numbers available")

problem with add_drv ("no major numbers available")

Post by Jim Lub » Tue, 07 Aug 2001 23:27:53


I am having a problem when trying to add several drivers using add_drv
under Solaris 8.  After successfully installing several drivers and
then trying to install another one, I receive an error message from
add_drv indicating that no major numbers are available.  This seems to
happen consistently after the highest major number in
/etc/name_to_major reaches 224.  I can edit name_to_major and add
entries (225 and up) for the remaining drivers, then run add_drv and
it installs the drivers correctly in /dev and /devices.  Needless to
say, editing name_to_major by hand is not my preferred solution.

Does Solaris 8 have a default maximum bound for major numbers?  Is it
possible to increase that number?  If so, then how?

Thanks in advance,


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