Help. I'm Stumped. Diskless Client Pbm.

Help. I'm Stumped. Diskless Client Pbm.

Post by Frank Cusac » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

> Ok,

>   I'm stumped big time.  I have a diskless client booted off a Sparc1000
> server. It boots with no problems (that are evident).  It mounts its root
> directory and all subdirectories from the server.  Now here's the problem.
> If I cd to the /home directory (on the diskless client) and try to create a
> sub-directory, I get the message "mkdir  directoryname: Operation not
> applicable".  If I go to the server, cd to /export/root/clientname (where the



>  I need to make some sub-directories on the diskless client to install some
> software.  can anybody give me some help or point in the right direction?

It's in the Solaris FAQ. /home is auto-mounted.


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