root "no shell" boo-boo

root "no shell" boo-boo

Post by Don Turrenti » Thu, 24 Nov 1994 04:20:48

This is a follow-up. I was wrong again (this is getting old). /bin/csh
is ln to the /usr partition so this could kill you. I will stop while
I am ahead. Thanks for all the comments.



1. root "no shell" boo-boo

Subject: root "no shell" boo-boo

The scenario:

A friend has a brand new Sparc Station 5.  After a few hours of
installing Solaris from the CD-ROM, the first action while logged
in as root was to edit /etc/passwd and change root's shell from
/sbin/sh to /sbin/csh.  Oops.

Now, on login as root, the error message, "no shell" appears and
returns to the login prompt.

The problem, of course, is that csh is not in the /sbin directory.
No other logins were created.  Bummer.  What can they do to
fix this, besides installing the entire Solaris CD-ROM from

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