How to manage icon position under Solaris

How to manage icon position under Solaris

Post by Tao P » Tue, 22 Apr 1997 04:00:00

  I was writing a start-up script in which I want to start some
applications (like clock, calendar manager, etc.) as icons. I'd
like these icons to appear at the corners of the screen. The
"WP" flag in Xview does not allow negative numbers as its argu-
ments as in "geometry" in which you can the position relative
from the bottom or right side of the screen, e.g., "-0-0" means
the bottom-right corner. I want the icons to appear at the
corners of the screen no matter what terminal I am using. Any
ideas? Thank you.

Tao Pan

PS: I am using Solaris 2.4


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Dear Newsgroup,

Looking for the following:

*  Sites and directories for icons that I can use in the toolbar when setting
    up new buttons in X
* An icon viewer for linux and I heard that you are able to get an icon
  converter from somewhere which allows you to convert icons from a Windows
  format *.ico to a format in X

Thank you to all.


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