CD-ROM Writers - survey results

CD-ROM Writers - survey results

Post by Jill Blig » Sat, 18 Jun 1994 00:35:44

As a follow up to my previous request for info on CD-ROM writers with software
packages which run on Sun Sparc machines and can write ISO9660 format
filesystems with RockRidge extensions, here is a brief summary of my findings :

Drive Model             Drive Speed     Software Supplier
-----------             -----------     -----------------
Yamaha CDE100           X4              K-Par Systems Ltd., Bristol, U.K.

Philips CDD521          X2              K-Par Systems Ltd.
(also sold as                           Cambridge Multi-Media, Cambridge, U.K
Kodak PCD200)

Richo                   X1              K-Par Systems Ltd.
                                        Cambridge Multi-Media

JVC RomMaker            X1              JVC

Note that this is specific to the UK, and is by no means an exhaustive list.

Several people have also informed me of the mkisofs freeware package which
generates the ISO9660 format with RockRidge extensions, but you then need a
driver to write this out to the CD from hard disk.

Thanks to those that responded.
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