Solaris x86 Compatibility

Solaris x86 Compatibility

Post by Bob Palowo » Sun, 12 Apr 1998 04:00:00

> > I have been reading over Sun's HCL and notice that it is lacking in some of
> > the new laptops on the market and was wondering if anyone else has any

>   I have 2.6 x85 on a toshiba 730 CDT with no problems, except that
> Solaris doesn't have cardbus support. When I called to ask about that,
> I was told that they will no longer be developing laptop drivers:

>  > Thank you for your request for driver support.  Unfortunately, Engineering has
>  > informed us that there will be no further driver development for notebook
>  > computers.

>  > Further infomation will be available shortly on explaining the
>  > suspension of laptop support.

>  > Thank you,
>  > Sun Microsystems Technical Support

> This, after I jsut paid for my subscription...

Hmm this is quite old news.  What does "shortly" really mean?  
Heck what does "suspension" mean?  


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1. VLB vs. soundcard SCSI controllers (Solaris x86 compatibility)

Greetings, folks.  Any input you might have is much appreciated.
Here's my situation:

 486DX266 w/VLB, 16M memory, 250MB IDE drive, Genoa SVGA (on the VLB),
 and a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 soundcard (with a SCSI controller built-in).

 I just ordered Solaris2.1, and will need to purchase a CD-ROM drive
 to install it.  I looked through the current HW compatibility list,
 and Sun says they've only tested ISA SCSI controllers. Since I've got
 a slot free on my Vesa local bus, I'd prefer to pick up a VLB SCSI
 controller.  Another alternative would be to try to load the OS
 via the (untested) SCSI controller on my soundcard...

 So, my questions are:

 Does anyone know if Solaris will support a VLB SCSI controller?
 If so, which ones?

 Does anyone know if I can use the SCSI controller on my soundcard
 to (at least) load the software from the Solaris CDs?

 Got any other ideas?

   Thanks, -Walendo


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