Ancor 266/1062 drivers

Ancor 266/1062 drivers

Post by Keith Dave » Sun, 28 Jan 2001 02:35:30

Good Day fellow Solaris people,

I am looking for a driver for a Ancor Fibre Channel  addaptor model 266/1062.  I have looked on suns website and at the manufacturer.  No luck.  Anyone out there keep this driver around and mind sending me a copy, and or a URL?


Keith Davey
Gandalf UNIX Services


1. 233 Pentium MMX, 266 K6, 266 6x86MX, IDT ?

I own an Intel 430TX mother board ( SHUTTLE HOT-565 ) able to accept
Pentium MMX 166-233 MHz, Pentium 75-200 MHz, AMD K6 166-266 MHz ( no
support AMD 3D CPU because limit of voltage ? does this mean I CAN use K6,
but I CANNOT use K6-2 ? ), AMD K5 PR75-PR200, Cyrix/IBM 6x86MX
PR166-PR266, Cyrix/IBM 6x86(L) P120-P166, IDT 3D ( up to 200 MHz ? ).
I have 512kB cache, 64MB EDO SIMM RAM, UDMA disk, RH5.1 Linux (2.0.35).
I would like to get a new CPU for it ( currently I run Pentium 166 ) to
get the maximum performance from it.
The question is - which one should I take ?
The most interesting seem to be - Pentium MMX 233, K6/266, 6x86MX/266.
First - the primary OS is Linux.
Second - typical applications are : scientific calculations ( egcs - C,
C++, f2c - Fortran ), word processing ( office applications ), NO games,
NO Sound, NO Video.
Third - I need to use 66MHz bus ( no 75, 83 ) as my NCR810 based SCSI
card doesn't like faster busses. Moreover, for stability reasoons, I don't
want to overclock anything.
Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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