Weekly SunFlash March 27th, 1995

Weekly SunFlash March 27th, 1995

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SunFlash Volume 75

                    Weekly SunFlash March 27th, 1995

March 1995         John J. McLaughlin, Editor/Publisher    fl...@flashback.com
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        75.20: Macintosh Application Environment 2.0 For Solaris/SPARC
        75.21: Sunsoft Enhanced Solaris Desktop (CDE)
        75.22: Sunsoft Workshop Available On X86 Platform
        75.23: High Performance, High Capacity 14-Gb 8mm Tape Drive
        75.24: ZX Systems & Upgrades
        75.25: SPARCstorage Library Model 8/140
        75.26: PC-NFSpro 1.1
        75.27: Solaris 2.4 Hardware: 11/94
        75.28: 60-MHz CPU for SPARCservers
        75.29: CPU Module Upgrades
        75.30: SunService IT Help Desk System Service
        75.31: PC-NFS 5.1 Localized Versions
        75.32: SPARCstation, SPARCserver 20 Models 71, 712MP
        75.34: Kodak, Sun Sign Agreement $250 Million
        75.35: What is SunFlash ?
        75.36: Bell Atlantic to Buy $45M of Sun Systems
        75.37: Sun Provides Networking, Storage Infrastructure
               For Networld+Interop 95
        75.38: Sunsoft Delivers Critical Technology For
               Networked Object Interoperability
        75.39: SunSoft Advanced Networked O-O Technology For Education/Research

        9001:  General FlashBack/SunFlash Information
        9002:  FlashBack and SunFlash Index

75.20: Macintosh Application Environment 2.0 For Solaris/SPARC

       MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- March 14, 1995 -- Furthering its
       commitment to provide Solaris (R) users with their choice of
       applications, SunSoft, Inc., in conjunction with Apple Computer,
       Inc., today announced the availability of Macintosh (R)
       Application Environment (TM) (MAE) 2.0. MAE 2.0 is emulation
       software that allows users to run Macintosh applications with
       significant interoperability between UNIX (R) and Mac (TM) OS
       environments on SPARC-based platforms. A product of Apple
       Computer, Inc., MAE 2.0 offers significant performance and
       networking enhancements, including support for AppleTalk (R),
       MacTCP (R), and improved support for NFS (R).

75.21: Sunsoft Enhanced Solaris Desktop (CDE)

       DALLAS, TX, UNIFORUM '95 -- March 14, 1995 -- SunSoft,
       Inc. today announced Solaris( Common Desktop Environment
       (CDE), adding the new standard desktop environment for the
       enterprise to the leading open operating system. Solaris CDE
       empowers enterprise users with the industry's broadest access to
       mission-critical, client-server applications and information across
       multiple platforms and networks, thus enabling more efficient
       communication and collaboration. Developers, VARs and systems
       vendors can take advantage of CDE's standard application
       programming interfaces (APIs) in the Solaris environment or by
       licensing Solaris CDE source code from SunSoft.

75.22: Sunsoft Workshop Available On X86 Platform

       MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--March 14, 1995--SunSoft, Inc.
       announced that SunSoft WorkShop(tm), its award-winning
       software development product suite, is now available for the x86
       and Pentium(tm) platforms. SunSoft WorkShop for C++ version
       1.1 for the Solaris (R) x86 operating environment provides
       developers with the tools necessary to create today's
       mission-critical, enterprise applications including a
       state-of-the-art native C++ language system that tracks the latest
       C++ language definition and the first toolset for the development
       of multiprocessing/multithreaded applications for the Solaris x86
       platform. SunSoft today also unveiled an introductory pricing and
       upgrade promotion for this new release of the SunSoft WorkShop.

75.23: High Performance, High Capacity 14-Gb 8mm Tape Drive

       Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) introduces the
       new high performance high capacity 14-GB 8mm tape drive. It is
       available as an internal option for the SPARCserver (TM) 1000
       and SPARCcenter (TM) 2000 systems, the 56-inch expansion rack
       and also in Sun's small, rugged Desktop Storage Pack for desktop
       workstations and servers.

        o Typically 40% more capacity than the 10-GB 8-mm tape
          drive, at the same price point, using the new 160-meter tapes
        o Average capacity of 14 GB in compression mode, 7 GB
          native and a transfer rate of 1 MB/sec. in compressed
          mode, 500 KB/sec. native, with a burst rate of 4.0 MB/sec.
        o Available in Sun's small Desktop Storage Pack form factor
          or server storage option packs
        o All configurations of the 10-GB 8-mm tape drive will be
          removed off the price list

75.24: ZX Systems & Upgrades

       Effective February, 1995, Sun Microsystems Computer
       Corporation (SMCC) has repriced:

        o SPARCstation(TM) 5ZX systems
        o SPARCstation 20ZX systems
        o ZX system and board upgrades
        o ZX frame buffer x-option

       Two ZX board upgrades are being transitioned. The upgrade path
       still continues, but customers should use a different upgrade part
       number instead.

75.25: SPARCstorage Library Model 8/140

       Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces their
       largest capacity backup and archival device, the new
       SPARCstorage (TM) Library Model 8/140. The SPARCstorage
       Library Model 8/140 is an 8mm tape library capable of storing an
       average 140 GB of data on ten tapes. It holds the new 14-GB 8mm
       tape drive recently introduced by Sun. A second drive and
       bar-code reader are also available as options. The SPARCstorage
       Library is available in both a tower and a rack-mountable version.

       The SPARCstorage Library is a cost-effective data management
       solution at the department and enterprise level and is ideally suited
       for backup, archival and HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management)
       of SPARCserver (TM) systems and networks of capacities from
       50-GB to 500-GB.

        o High-capacity and high-speed automated library; typically
          140 GB of storage and 2-MB/sec. transfer rate
        o Flexible, modular, and upgradable design provides the
          customer with a full investment protection and increased
        o Available in a Tower (Deskside) version and a
          rack-mountable version for the expansion rack
        o Fully supported on the high-end SPARCstation and
          SPARCserver systems and with many data management
          software packages such as Solstice Backup

75.26: PC-NFSpro 1.1

       (This product has been available for a while but I did not post this
       article when the product began shipping. I post it now for
       completeness -johnj)

       Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) introduces
       PC-NFSpro 1.1. PC-NFSpro for Microsoft(R) Windows is the
       next generation of Sun's industry-leading TCP/IP networking
       software package for PC users that features high-performance
       access to TCP/IP and NFS(R) environments, easy client
       configuration, built-in e-mail, and dynamic access to remote
       TCP/IP networks.

       To insure a high level of performance, PC-NFSpro uses a
       powerful 32-bit VxD architecture, the optimum networking
       interface for Microsoft Windows. In addition, PC-NFSpro
       completely eliminates the need for DOS memory requirements
       found in previous generations of networking software. Additional
       features include:

        o Very easy install with new Windows Full or Custom
          install procedure
        o Automatic connection to network file and print resources
          at user login
        o Support for multiple `simultaneous' name services
        o PPP support for remote network access
        o Full on-line documentation

75.27: Solaris 2.4 Hardware: 11/94

       (This article should have been posted in December. Sorry for the
       delay. -johnj)

       Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces
       Solaris(R) 2.4 Hardware: 11/94 as the new default release of the
       Solaris 2.x operating environment for SPARC(R) systems. Here
       are the key things you need to know:

       QUALITY: Sun's highest quality Solaris release ever

       PERFORMANCE: Overall increased desktop, NFS, TCP/IP, and
       DBMS performance, relative to Solaris 2.x and Solaris 1.x

       NEW FEATURES: A host of new features make this Sun's most
       feature-rich Solaris release to date. Copackaged Wabi (TM) 2.0,
       NetWorker for Solaris, and Online: DiskSuite (TM) 3.0 software
       packages provide additional value and functionality at no extra
       cost. Includes new standards (Energy Star and XPG4)

75.28: 60-MHz CPU for SPARCservers

       (Note that this announcement came out a while ago. -johnj)

       Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation (SMCC) announces the
       availability of 60-MHz SuperSPARC processors for the
       SPARCserver 1000(TM) and SPARCcenter(TM) 2000 systems.
       Sun delivers on the promise of higher performance SuperSPARC
       processor modules for its SPARCserver 1000 and SPARCcenter
       2000 systems.

        o 60-MHz SuperSPARC processors for SPARCserver 1000
          and SPARCcenter 2000 systems
        o Repricing of SPARCserver 1000 and SPARCcenter 2000
          cabinets and systems boards

75.29: CPU Module Upgrades

       (This announcement should have gone out a while ago. Sorry for
       the delay - johnj)

       Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces new,
       lower prices on various module upgrades to SPARCstation(TM)
       20, SPARCstation(TM) 10 and SPARCserver(TM) 600MP

       Module upgrades from Model 40 to Model 51 and from Model 40
       to Model 512 will transition off the SMCC price list.

75.30: SunService IT Help Desk System Service

       Effective immediately, SunService announces a new IT Operations
       Services service offering: Sun Help Desk Implementation Service.

       With the Sun Help Desk System Implementation Service, Sun's
       help desk experts implement the Sun HelpDesk Tools, including
       planning, installation, and customization, to provide our customers
       with the best system for quickly resolving their customer's
       (internal or external) service problems and support requests.

75.31: PC-NFS 5.1 Localized Versions

       (This announcement came out in January and I forgot to post it!

       Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) introduces
       localized French and German language versions of PC-NFS(R) 5.1
       software. PC-NFS is the world's most popular TCP/IP product for
       PC-to-enterprise networking, integrating MS-DOS(R) and
       MS-Windows users into an open enterprise environment. The new
       features in PC-NFS 5.1 are a streamlined installation program,
       faster configuration with support for Dynamic Host Configuration
       Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name Service (DNS) client, new under
       interface for Microsoft(R) Windows Telnet program, a new mount
       tool for quick access to the network, more flexible printing with
       support for the standard BSD UNIX(R) lpr protocol, and improved
       NetBIOS and TCP/IP performance.

       PC-NFS 5.0 French and German versions will immediately begin
       transitioning off of the price list.

75.32: SPARCstation, SPARCserver 20 Models 71, 712MP

       Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces the
       SPARCstation(TM) 20 and SPARCserver(TM) 20 Model 71 and
       712MP systems, with the new 75-MHz SuperSPARC(TM)-II
       processor module. The Model 71 and 712MP are the new premier
       processor systems delivering an overall performance boost for the
       SPARCstation 20 and SPARCserver 20 product families. SMCC
       also introduces a full suite of CPU, chassis, full system and
       competitive upgrades to SPARCstation 20 Models 71 and 712MP.

75.34: Kodak, Sun Sign Agreement $250 Million

       MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- March, 13, 1995 - Sun
       Microsystems, Inc., and Eastman Kodak Company today
       announced that they have signed a revised master agreement with a
       potential value of $250 million in sales of Sun(TM) products to
       Kodak over the life of the five-year contract. This worldwide
       master agreement, which includes both commercial end user and
       Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) business, extends the
       ten-year strategic relationship between the two companies,
       underscoring Kodak's support of Sun's network computing
       technology. The new contract includes agreements with Sun
       Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC), SunSoft and

75.35: What is SunFlash ?

       This is a brief description of SunFlash. Please forward this article
       to any Sun users that you know. Thanks! -johnj
          SunFlash was the first free Electronic Journal dedicated to
          Sun users, worldwide

        o Delivers news, features, press-releases, newsletters, and
          information directly from Sun to Sun users

        o Up to 100 articles per month delivered by electronic mail.
          Nine editions available including daily and weekly
          summaries in standard or multi-media mail

        o Subscribers can request the full-text of any article at any
          time by e-mail. Full-text and HTML versions of the
          articles are available by ftp

        o SunFlash can be found on the World Wide Web at a
          number of locations including:
           o http://www.sun.com/sunflash
           o http://www.flashback.com
           o ftp://draco.nova.edu/pub/sunflash/www/index.html

        o The weekly summary is posted to the newsgroup

        o Easy to Join! Simply send email to
          majord...@flashback.com. In your message body type:

                  subscribe sunflash

        o For more information, send email to
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75.36: Bell Atlantic to Buy $45M of Sun Systems

       MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif - March 21, 1995 - Sun Microsystems
       Federal, Inc. today reported that it has won a major information
       systems reengineering contract, valued at approximately $45
       million, from Bell Atlantic Network Systems, Inc. Bell Atlantic
       has agreed to purchase Sun (TM) systems for approximately 270
       user sites, supporting up to 13,000 users as part of a project to
       reduce the cost of delivery while improving customer service. This
       gives Bell Atlantic increased flexibility and control over its
       information system environment. Bell Atlantic will use powerful
       SPARCcenter (TM) 2000 and SPARCserver (TM) 1000 enterprise
       servers running the Solaris (TM) 2 software environment for all
       aspects of the project, including mission-critical application

75.37: Sun Provides Networking, Storage Infrastructure For Networld+Interop 95

       2000-Node Network Managed by Sun's Solstice (TM)
       Enterprise Management Software

       MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - March 20, 1995 - In a
       demonstration of its open network computing leadership, Sun
       Microsystems, Inc., has teamed with NetWorld+Interop 95, the
       summit for networking and computing professionals, to help
       design, implement and manage InteropNet, a vast multi-protocol,
       multi-vendor network for the 600 companies participating in the
       March 28-30 Las Vegas-based exhibition. Sun (TM) equipment
       and software will be at the heart of the network's configuration,
       operation, performance and fault management, Internet security
       and data storage capabilities.

75.38: Sunsoft Delivers Critical Technology For Networked Object Interoperability

       Provides Interoperability Across Multiple Networked Object

       Mountain View, Calif. -- March 21, 1995 -- SunSoft, Inc. and
       the Object Management Group (OMG) today announced the
       immediate availability of a free-of-charge source code
       implementation of the CORBA 2.0 Internet Inter-ORB (Object
       Request Broker) Protocol. This code is highly portable and
       provides a reference implementation to help software vendors test
       and deliver OMG-compliant products to market rapidly.

75.39: SunSoft Advanced Networked O-O Technology For Education/Research

       Research Technology Embodies Components of Future
       Commercial Objects Technology Offerings

       MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 21, 1995 -- SunSoft, Inc.
       today announced the most advanced, networked, object-oriented
       operating system technology available today for use by
       universities and research institutions. Called the "Spring Research
       Distribution", this technology embodies the latest innovative
       advances in operating systems and platform software.

       Spring technology is the precursor to SunSoft's Project DOE
       (Distributed Objects Environment), an advanced networked
       object-oriented environment for the Solaris operating system
       targeted at the commercial enterprise marketplace. Spring is a
       "concept car" for experimenting with future operating system
       technology with several components planned for incorporation
       into Project DOE and the Solaris software. Using input from the
       research community, Spring technology incorporated into DOE
       will give commercial users advanced and innovative
       networked-object software that has been tested and proven for
       enterprise computing needs.

9001: General FlashBack/SunFlash Information

      This article contains general information about the electronic
      journals that I edit and publish: "SunFlash" , "FlashBack" and
      "The Internet FlashBack"

      I produced "The Florida SunFlash" for nearly six years.
      "SunFlash" is the continuation of that journal. When "SunFlash"
      grew to about 100 articles per month, 140,000+ subscribers and
      30,000+ article requests per month I decided that it was time to
      make some changes. For a variety of reasons, I started the two
      new journals, "FlashBack" and "The Internet FlashBack",
      and moved production of all three journals to an
      independent company with its own resouces and Internet domain

      My goal, as always, is to provide useful, timely, high-quality
      information to the Sun user community.

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