Sun's Developers CD

Sun's Developers CD

Post by Douglas Klei » Sat, 10 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm looking for some files on Sun's Developer CD.  We are using
MicroFocus COBOL and need some 'C' files from the SPROlang package on
the CD to compile our programs.  Can anybody Email the directory?



1. sun's netscape 4.5/Sol 7 versus sun's developer site


* Ultra-1 box
* Solaris 7, 64-bit mode. - no patches
* Netscape 4.5 (package from Sun)
* Apache 1.2.4 proxy (http 1.1)

Netscape 4.5 is noticeably less stable on Solaris 7 than on Solaris
2.5.1. This showed up nicely for me on the Solaris Developer site, when
I logged in, went to the "cool demo's" page and attempted to download
'xformat.tar'. Every time the browser crashed. There certainly seems a
problem with some ftp sites also.

Has anyone else noticed this type of problem? I also tried the hotjava
shipped with Sol 7. That fails to log in (the 1.1.5 would work it it had
been shipped inseated of 1.0.3, methinks) because it seems to have
cookie problems. In the end I ftp'ed lynx.


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