Serial port printing Solaris 1.1.1b

Serial port printing Solaris 1.1.1b

Post by And » Thu, 23 Mar 1995 03:43:57


I need to know how to set up a printer using the serial ports on a
Sparcstation20 (yes I've got a splitter..) using Solaris 1.1.1b (SunOS

Bascially, do I just need to edit the printcap file a make entries
there for each printer on each port ? If so can anyone suggest default
settings for Epson 9pin printer 9600 baud rate ?

I realise that there's alot of options to include in the printcap file,
but any suggestions would be useful.

If it's more complicated than adding a definition to the 'printcap'
file then please let me know the commands and procedure to follow...

Sorry if this is a silly, question, I'm just not sure where to look.

Replies by email if possible...


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