Sun Solaris Testing Position in Bay Area

Sun Solaris Testing Position in Bay Area

Post by Dan Staringe » Wed, 14 Apr 1999 04:00:00

We have an opening for a black box tester with Solaris Server testing
experience. This six month contract testing position is located in Redwood
Shores, CA and you will test the server side of a client/server application
in the development environment. We are looking for someone with
client/server application testing experience, solid Solaris service
experience (essential!), Netscape Suite Spot experience (or other net-based
applications) and familiarity with UNIX Scripting, CGI and Web protocols. If
you aare interested or know of someone who is please get a hold of me


Dan Staringer
Technical Recruiter, IT&E Corporation


1. Solaris Test Development Position available in SF Bay Area

Toner Corporation, a leader in providing temporary
technical consultants for over a decade, is currently
seeking a Senior Solaris O/S Test Developer.  The
consultant will perform system-level testing on Solaris O/S
and patches, and will implement and execute tests, suites
and cases.  This position will last a minimum of 6 months
and is located in the Southern San Francisco Bay area.  
Please call John Prewitt at 800-339-5339, ex. 223, for more
information or E-mail or fax resume to 415-788-2592.

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