software to drive storedge L280

software to drive storedge L280

Post by JJ » Sat, 30 Jun 2001 22:06:14

Can anyone recommend some free/cheap software to drive a storedge DLT



1. StorEdge L280 mounting/writing help

I have a StorEdge L280 tape drive.

I installed it in an Ultra 10 with a PCI UltraSCSI Host Adapter card.

After I boot the machine, I get the following when I do a probe-scsi-

Target 4
Unit 0 Removable Tape QUANTUM DLT7000 2156

Target 5
Unit 0 Removable Device type 8 HP C6280-7000 2.07

It looks like it recognizes the card the L280 is attached to, right?

For backup purposes, I want to export an Oracle database on another
machine directly to this machine's drive over the network.

How do I mount this drive so it can be accessed and written to over the
network?  How do I retrieve data that has been written to the drive?
Is there a FAQ on the web somewhere?

I need to get this up and running ASAP!  Thank you for your help!

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