Solaris 8 upgrade using Live upgrade method

Solaris 8 upgrade using Live upgrade method

Post by Joe Phili » Wed, 25 Feb 2004 02:43:19

I want to get some feedback on the Live upgrade of Solaris 8 (2/04). How was
the upgrade? Was it kind of problem-free? Did Veritas give any problem with
the upgrade?

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Hoping that some one has already done this and would be able to answer
my questions..

I am looking at the live upgrade guide and I understand that I have to
create an empty boot environment with -s option before I can install a
flash archive on the disk.

Q) What comprises of the empty boot environment?

Once an empty BE is set up, we use the luupgrade and -a/-j/-J the three
mutually exclusive options. Crossing out -a option I am confused about
the -j  and -J option usage

-J for an entry from the profile

-j for for the profile path

Q) If I use the -J switch will it still lay out the file systems as
defined in the same profile? Where exactly are the filesystems laid out
in this process assuming that I specified them as explicit partitioning
in my profile. If they are laid out at this stage where is the empty BE
stored that was create in the previous step? Was it stored on a file
system as specified by the -m option? If Yes, Am I supposed to lay out
the filesystem in such a way in my profile that it doesnt touch the
slice where the empty BE was created?

Q) What does luactivate does? (without -s or any switches) What does it
differently than using eeprom and changing the boot-device path?


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