HELP!-I've tried everything and PPP still is dead!

HELP!-I've tried everything and PPP still is dead!

Post by Christopher » Sat, 27 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi All,

    I still can't get my Sparc 2 to dial out and connect via PPP.  I
talked to Sun Tech about the problem that I'm having.  They have no clue
(Big surprise!) what wrong with my set up.  So I turn to you guys a few
weeks ago.  Thanks to all you I now have better idea off what makes
Solaris 2.6 tick.  But the problem of connection is still  there!  I
Reinstalled several time to make sure that everything is set up exactly
to what all the emails say.  But as soon as I type

# /etc/init.d/asppp start

All I get is another line.  No activity from the modem and the asppp.log
says that the script was successful.  Then when I type

# /etc/init.d/asppp stop

The system stops on my screen that is open.  If I open a new window or
use the CDE control panel that I can start new things but I have no
control over the windows on the screen.  At this point is I look at
asppp.log.  It says that PPP connection could not connect!

    What been tried so fare:
-Sun Doc on how to set up ASPPP
-Sun Doc on how to set up a modem
-Numerous Step-by Step instruction from a dozen people from this group.
-Change of PPP software from Solstice PPP_3.0.1 to ASPPP
-Change of modem from USR x2 to USR 14.4.k
-Changing the modem from ttya -ttyb (software and hardware)
-Playing with every PAP script known to man kind.

  All the Docs explain exactly the same thing so I know that the files
are set up correctly. Also I know the modem works because I can dial out
and connect using tip.  As well, a friend of mine installed RED HAT
Linux on a second drive for me.  I can get a PPP connect running Linux
in seconds!  I don't know enough about unix to deal with two different
version of it plus I can't find any software for the Sparc version of

    So if anyone has any ideas how to get a SPARCstation2 with 64 mb ram
and Solaris 2.6 to dial out and connect  PPP using a script or PAP
logon.  I'd really be a big help!



HELP!-I've tried everything and PPP still is dead!

Post by email.. » Sun, 28 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I don't know if this will help .. cuz i use x86..
(i have same problem.. tip worked, cu -lcua/b worked, but asppp start
.. modem won't dial.. as of shell window freez.. i have no idea.. i am
new to this), but someone in IRC at #Solaris told me to put some
string in the modem init line.. which is '" P_ZERO "" .. so i put that
before modem init string..
(not in Systems files.. i think Devices file ?? ..)

so i try.. and my modem (USR X2) start dialing.. :)

so may be you want to try that too.

good luck

On Fri, 26 Dec 1997 03:26:54 -0500, Christopher S


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    I think the problem is with your PCI controller. I have had the same
problem with my Dell Inspiron. Try putting another PCMCIA card and see if
it gets recognized. Do u hear sounds when u put in the card. Also after u
put in the card, check /var/adm/messages and see at the end of the file
whether theres any info about the card just plugged in. If you have a
message saying that it is an anonymous memory card - then u are in the
same boat as me - otherwsie let me know more about it and I will see if I
can help you - specially try sending me the last part of
i am using slackware 3.3 and it doesnt help - maybe 3.4 can!!! we have to
wait and see.


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