Joystick Question

Joystick Question

Post by Steve » Sun, 12 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Hi (apologies to the wrong post earlier),

I'm trying to use a joystick with solaris (sun/PC) ... I also know linux
is OK but Sun m/c doesn't have a game port in the first place.. I can
also run PC/Solaris with those sound cards with game ports.. but the
question is how do I access them... would appreciate any pointers or
links or references...

Than'x very much again!



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1. usb-joystick question

Dear newsgroup,

i need a gamepad with usb-interface to control a mobile robot with three
degrees of freedom (so a really serious application, no gaming). I bought
a ?wingman rumble pad, which perfectly suits my needs. But ...

i am using a 2.2.16 kernel with a usb backport from the 2.3.99 kernel
(thats what comes with suse7.0).

With the input.o, hid.o, joydev.o modules jstest recognizes the gamepad,
but gives wrong values.

Is this joystick be supported in later kernels? Can i patch my kernel

Thanx in advance, c.


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