Connecting Win 95 PPP to Solaris 2.5 PPP

Connecting Win 95 PPP to Solaris 2.5 PPP

Post by Chris Masse » Sat, 10 Aug 1996 04:00:00

What is the setup to configure Win 95 Dialer to connect
to solaris 2.5 PPP.

I can dial using hyperterminal,login as my normal username and password
and I get a login shell.

If I try the ppp user login which runs /usr/sbin/aspppls...

If I monitor the port on the sun using tip cuaa

I get alot off garbage and Win 95 errors and says that the
protcol on the other end is not compatible and suggests that
I change the server settings and try again???

Please Help!!!


1. Solaris PPP & Win 95 = Reboot!


  When I try to use the Dial-Up Networking of Windows 95 to connect on
my Solaris PPP server, I reboot my workstation.  Does somebody has
successfully made a such connection?


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