dtmail problem

dtmail problem

Post by bal.. » Thu, 08 Jun 2000 04:00:00

        I'm having a problem using dtmail where the mail server happens to
be the Microsoft Exchange Server using IMAP. But I don;t think this is in
anyway related to the Exchange server.

        The problem is the following:

        Our domain:             netegrity.com
        My machine:             redwood.security.com
        MS Exchange server:     maex02.security.com

        When I send send mail internally, the mail is always delivered
to the recipient as coming from:

        Which is an invalid email address. This means any replies back to me
will bounce. Which is annoying. I need a way to specify the correct reply
email address. dtmail doesn't seem to let me do that. I've looked in
$HOME/mailrc and don't see anything in there that will help.

        Anyone know how I can make dtmail put the correct reply address in the
From: field when sending mail?

        How about where all of the options that one could put into

Thanks, Jim


balson AT mediaone DOT net


dtmail problem

Post by Andrei Ivan » Fri, 09 Jun 2000 04:00:00

>    Anyone know how I can make dtmail put the correct reply address in the
> From: field when sending mail?

>    How about where all of the options that one could put into
> $HOME/.mailrc?

By default, both From: and Reply-To: header lines contain what is specified
in GCOS-field (see passwd(4) man page for details) as well as Internet-style
email address, constructed using $LOGNAME (or $USER(?)) and workstation's

To replace FQDN with 2nd level domain name, one may add this command into
his ${HOME}/.mailrc file:

      set sentmailhostname='Riga.lv'

Abovementioned header lines will look this way:

To further modify these same headlines, one can add the following command
to ${HOME}/.mailrc (note here, that domain name part of address must be
the same as in "set sentmailhostname" directive above, OR this new directive
should replace the one, mentioned above):

But in this case each time, creating new email message (or answering to
received one), it would be necessary to explicitly choose "Add From:"
option in the Format pull-down menu for the headers to become added to this
newly created message.

To insert first/last name (along with email address) the set directive
should be slightly modified (each blank space character prepended with
two backslashes):

In case then "set additionalfields" configuration directive is used
one can arbitrarily modify any part of the address by editing domain
part of the address right in the appropriate input field.



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