Modems don't work - Solaris 2.3

Modems don't work - Solaris 2.3

Post by Noel Peti » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

System: Sparc Classic (24 meg ram, 424 meg disk)
                                        two serial ports on splitter wire to Hayes 9600 modems
Solaris 2.3 (upgraded to last month's patches)
Symptoms: Modems on serial port will not issue prompt.
        ttymon is running on both port a and b
  one modem appears to be getting characters from Sun (SD RD dimly lit)
        other modem has SD and RD on solid
Sun replaced the system board. No change

Anyone ever seen this? Thanks


1. PPP dynamic poin to point link don't hang the modem on Solaris 2.3

We have problems with PPP on a Solaris 2.3 machine (SPARC LX)
We are able to configure the machine as a Dynamic Point to Point
log-in server, and we are able to log in too, but then, when we
hang the modem of the nomadic workstion, the link on the log-in server
remain up, keeping the modem busy.
It seems to be a problem of the ipdptp0 interface:
here is the /var/adm/log/asppp.log:

11:13:03 Link manager (276) started 09/28/95
11:13:03 parse_config_file: Successful configuration
11:13:28 start_ip: IP up on interface ipdptp0, timeout set for 120 seconds
11:14:19 process_ipd_msg: interface ipdptp0 has disconnected
11:14:19 disconnect: disconnected connection from  ipdptp0

But it is lying! the status of the interfaces is the following:
# ifconfig -a
lo0: flags=849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 8232
        inet netmask ff000000
        inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
        ether 8:0:20:1d:f1:a2
        inet --> netmask ffff0000
        ether 0:0:0:0:0:0

ipdptp0 is still up!, and the nomad workstation appear to be still logged:
# who
netadm     pts/0        Sep 28 11:06    (
nomad      term/a       Sep 28 11:13

In an experiment, we tried to use a multipoint interface, that goes through
the ipdp0 interface, and in this case the disconnection works correctly,
but we would rather don't have to create a whole new network only for
one nomadinc workstation (the multipoint PPP link requires a reserved
network number).

Any ideas?

(please, if you post, send an e-mail too, I will summarize)

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