Solaris 2.3 and NIS(transition kit) not NIS+

Solaris 2.3 and NIS(transition kit) not NIS+

Post by Suzanna M. Vasqu » Sat, 07 May 1994 02:23:54

Is anyone out there using NIS instead of NIS+ on
Solaris 2.3?  Would like to know if you've had any
problems?  Please email me directly.

Thanks in advance.

Suzanna Vasquez


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Solaris 2.3 and NIS(transition kit) not NIS+

Post by Alain Fauconn » Tue, 17 May 1994 23:17:04

Quote:>Is anyone out there using NIS instead of NIS+ on
>Solaris 2.3?  Would like to know if you've had any
>problems?  Please email me directly.

I do run the so-called "Transition Kit" i.e. the  NIS  server  kit
for  Solaris 2.x. I works fairly well, except for a serious bug in
the /etc/init.d/yp startup script that prevents  rpc.passwdd  from
updating  the  passwd  map.  The   daemon   is   started   without
/usr/ccs/bin in its PATH, which prevents it  from  finding  "make"
when needed. I fixed it by modifying the corresponding script line
as follows:

PATH=$PATH:/usr/ccs/bin \
 $YPDIR/rpc.yppasswdd /var/yp/passwd -nosingle -m passwd

Note that the dummy "-nosingle" option is  still  needed  to  work
around the old command line parsing bug.

On  occasions,  I've  also  seen  the ypserver crashing repeatedly
with: /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypserv: fatal: relocation error
symbol not found: _xdr_yprequest referenced in /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypserv

The fix was to shut down all the NIS clients,  reboot  the  server
and  the  clients. Since it's rather uneasy to reproduce I haven't
opened a call on that. I'm not even sure that the NIS  server  kit
is supported.

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Solaris 2.3 and NIS(transition kit) not NIS+

Post by Timothy Jon » Fri, 27 May 1994 02:51:07

Has anyone been able to get the rpc.yppasswdd that comes with the NIS kit for
Solaris to work with shadow files?  I try:

        PATH=$PATH:/usr/ccs/bin $YPDIR/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd /etc/shadow -m passwd

but the shadow file is never read.  I also tried linking
/etc/security/passwd.adjunct to /etc/shadow, but got the same result.


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Hi all,

I am using the NIS transition kit in Solaris 2.3 because we have not ported
our software to use NIS+. The problem occurred when I try to run yppasswd:

        davesol(david)$ yppasswd
        Changing NIS password for david
        Old yp password:
        New password:
        Retype new password:
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Does anyone know why this is happening? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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