stripe size when setting up RAID 0 for oracle

stripe size when setting up RAID 0 for oracle

Post by Fishin » Fri, 09 Apr 1999 04:00:00


I just so happen to be in the middle of reviewing are existing Oracle volumes.
We've got a fairly large system, 420GB and we are trying to squeeze every last
drop of performance out of the disk subsystem.  Originally  the volumes were
created with  the default 64K striped size.  I am of the mind that this is to
large of a strip size.  Like you we are running an 8K block size.  Basically
Oracle need to make 8 request before he would switch to the next drive in the
stripe... or least that's my understanding....  unless of course oracle is
doing a full table scan then things change completely...  But anyways..  I
might try doing some testing but I think an 8K stripe size may be the way to
go.  Of course probably can't do anything about it til we get Volume Manger 3.0
which I believe will let you change stripe size... (maybe).  Heard 3.0 is out
but has some bugs...

hope this help... let me know what you find/decide


John Stachlewicz
Sys Admin