Is Solstice Backup bundled with Solaris 2.5?

Is Solstice Backup bundled with Solaris 2.5?

Post by Mark Atwoo » Thu, 24 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Is Solstice Backup bundled with Solaris 2.5?

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Is Solstice Backup bundled with Solaris 2.5?

Post by Himanshu Goh » Sat, 26 Apr 1997 04:00:00

>Is Solstice Backup bundled with Solaris 2.5?

Yes, _if_ you buy the SERVER EDITION, not the desktop.
(comes with other goodies too)


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1. Backup tools beyond bundled Solstice

        We've just added the latest enhancement to our UE 3000 server -
an Adic 7-cartridge DLT 4000 drive. Up to now we've been using the
bundled tools (e.g. tar/cpio) and are just starting to play with
ufsdump and the bundled Solstice Backup. We're currently on 2.6 but
will soon move to Solaris 7. None of the above-mentioned tools will
talk to the autoloader itself to, say, unload one cartridge and load

        I would at the very least have assumed an available upgrade to
the Solstice to support more than a single static drive. What are folks
using for this task? Are there available tools comparable to HP's mtx
that will talk to my tape drive's robotics? Commercial packages are OK;
we have a few bucks left in our end-of-year kitty.

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