ufsrestore... doesn't. Why ?

ufsrestore... doesn't. Why ?

Post by Ralph K Osbor » Sun, 05 Mar 1995 01:56:46

We are trying to restore a directory that was dumped to tape with
ufsdump.  We are using ufsrestore to do it.  In interactive mode, ufsrestore
begins restoring the directory from tape, but then starts to produce
error messages regarding "filename too long" etc.  It fails to restore
the listed files and then... Segmentation Fault/Core dump.

We've got Solaris_2.3.  Anyone ever seen this before ?  Are we missing a
patch to ufsrestore or something ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Ralph Osborne


1. why doesn't ufsrestore fix mangled ld.so.1 ???

I've resigned to do a reinstall but I'm curious...

 I "newfs"ed each partition then did a ufsrestore on each...
The box ran for a week, then died again w/the same errors.

 Seeing lots of posts w/similar problems w/the ld.so.1.

Why didn't the ufsrestore fix it?

Is there a virus going 'round?


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