Install 3rd party SCSI DISK ARRAY to SPARC(OS 5.4), How to?

Install 3rd party SCSI DISK ARRAY to SPARC(OS 5.4), How to?

Post by Catche » Fri, 08 Dec 1995 04:00:00

We are going to install a 3rd party SCSI Disk-Array to Sparc1000 with
SunOS 5.4, but don't know how to config it.

Thanks in advance!


1. 3rd party SCSI disks on Solaris 2.x

We wish to move some SCSI disks from another architecture to a Sparc 10
running Solaris 2.2, but are having difficulties finding the correct
parameters to give to the format utility.  Why does Solaris need to be given
this information anyway, as other OS's (eg DG/UX) don't need to be told
anything about new SCSI disks.

It looks like the following are the required parameters, according to the
"SunOS 5.1 Adding and Maintaining Devices and Drivers" manual.  Is there
any way to empirically determine the values of these parameters?
        total # cylinders
        # cylinders for bad blocks
        # sectors per logical track
        # heads
        rotational speed in rpm (why on earth is this needed?)

If I guess the #cyls, #heads and sectors/track to add up to the correct size
(assuming 512 bytes sectors) will it work anyway?

Any pointers appreciated.


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