Recommended 56K modem for Solaris 8 x86?

Recommended 56K modem for Solaris 8 x86?

Post by James Adki » Sun, 11 Mar 2001 07:05:50

Does any one running Solaris 8 x86, have a recommendation as to a 56k modem
(preferably a PCI)?

I am currently using a ZOOM 56k ISA modem jummpered to COM3 IRQ 4, but
cannot find a way to add
additional serial ports (admintool only sees COM1 and COM2). My BIOS only
has controls for to serial ports,
yet I am using this modem with Windows98 (non-PnP, in fact if I attempt to
use PnP it hangs in Win98) on COM3.

Any info regarding serial port modifications on the Internet point to the
"asy.conf" file, however the files look
completely different in Solaris 8 than the previous releases.

Any ideas?

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Recommended 56K modem for Solaris 8 x86?

Post by Greg Andre » Sun, 11 Mar 2001 09:50:23

>Does any one running Solaris 8 x86, have a recommendation as to a 56k modem
>(preferably a PCI)?

If I recall correctly, the Solaris 8 hardware compatibility list
does not have ANY internal modems listed.  All external modems
are supported, but no internals aside from a few PCMCIA ones.

I've used and supported modems on IBM PC compatibles for the past
15 years, and my strong, Strong, STRONG recommendation is that you
get an external modem.  Their lights make it easier for you (or the
tech trying to help you over the phone) to troubleshoot problems,
you don't have to shut down your computer to do a hard reset on the
modem, and everybody knows how they're supposed to interface with
the computer.  Internal modems lack tell-tale lights, are harder
to control if they're buggy, and often you can end up with a
Winmodem by mistake.

Last but not least, Sun support will help you get an external modem
working.  Internal modems are not on the compatibility list...


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1. VoiceSURFR 56K modem & Solaris v2.6 x86 Not Working???

I am trying to get my Solaris x86 v2.6 to recognize my modem under
following conditions to it was not successful.

1. Motorola  VoiceSURFR 56K Internet Modem (com2 irq5, assigned
    by pnp)

   - This modem does not have any dip switch but Windows NT reported
      that this modem was found at com2 (irq5) so I assume Solaris
      would find the same location

2. Intel 440LX motherboard.

    - This motherboard bios let me enable and disable com2

3.  This is my asy.conf file

# Note: To enable COM2 uncomment the following entry, and
#  it may require
#       reconfiguration of SMC device if you are using SMC Enet with
#       default configuration (which also uses IRQ 5).  (See smc.conf
#name="asy" class="sysbus" interrupts=12,5 reg=0x2f8,0,0 ioaddr=0x2f8;

When the solaris boots up in hit  "esc" to see what kind of devices
were recognized.  I could not find the port for my modem.  I manually
enabled and disabled seiral port com2 on CMOS setup however,
it really didn't help to get my modem work at com2 (irq5)

Could anyone give me any suggestions?   Please email your advice
Thanks you very much in advance

John Park

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