Accounting Script for Nis+

Accounting Script for Nis+

Post by Alasdair Macdona » Fri, 24 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone got a basic script which will take from  a text file
usernames/password and encrypt them into my NIS+ domain.

Last year I used Solstice but this has become too repetitive for me.
Nothing complicated, all I have is one NIS+ server / domain.

The text file would be something like....

M.Morgan me123456 070677
Name     username passwd

No point reinventing the Wheel I thought !!!
Also last year I had trouble with quotoring.. Comments using NIS+ please.
Thanks in advance.
Ignore my ignorance..

           (Alasdair - Staffordshire University)


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I have just read the NIS-HOWTO but couldn't figure out if
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I have 2 home directories:
/home/me on my linux box (RH5.0)
raid:/export/home/me on a raid disk (SunOS host on a NIS network)

I can NFS mount the raid directory on /home/me/raid, but of course
I don't have write access to it since NIS is not yet installed on the
linux box. If I install NIS, can I keep /home/me as my default
directory (and keep my PC able to run independently), and NFS mount
the raid directory with write privilege obtained through the NIS
server when I feel like it ???

Thanks for any tip,


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